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(Gerwazy x Lafirynda)
1963 grey mare

LALAGE was bred in England by Miss P.M. Lindsay at her Stockings Farm and was born in 1963.  She was of pure Polish breeding and was later exported to Sweden (at age 2) where she later became a broodmare for Erik Erlandsson.  Mr. Erlandsson was the breeder of  *ALADDINN.  The photo on the left was taken by a visitor to the Erlandsson Stud of LALAGE just a few weeks prior to her death in 1982 at the age of 19.  The photo on the right is of LALAGE as a yearling filly. Thought to be small, but of exquisite type, LALAGE was a classic Polish mare.

LALAGE had been injured on one of her legs after her arrival in Sweden, and because of this she was slightly lame.

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