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(Abu Afas PASB x Carmen  PASB)
1953 - 1964 grey stallion
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  ABU AFAS    

Roman Pankiewicz, Polish horseman and authority on the Polish Arabians, wrote of Comet: “It is a rare event when a stallion not only gathers within himself so many positive qualities simultaneously: beauty, conformation, good bone, beautiful movement, and a coat the color of buckwheat — but, in addition to all this, is able to stamp his get with it all. And yet Comet was just such a sire.”

As a youngster, Comet did the usual — grazed the pastures of Nowy Dwor Stud where he was foaled in 1953, took his race training and established his race record 9(1-3-1); then returned to Nowy Dwor as chief sire, just as his sire and grandsire had been. When Nowy Dwor (a temporary postwar stud) was closed in 1960, the horses were transferred to the restored Janow-Podlaski State Stud. Comet sired there for the years 1961 and 1962, then was sent to Michalow State Stud.

The Polish breeders soon rated Comet the best stallion to be bred in Poland post-World War II. International breeders agreed and Comet sons and daughters were easily marketed to European countries and to the United States. The first Comets arrived here in 1961 in the vanguard of the “Polish Invasion,” and Americans eventually imported nearly 70 percent of Comet’s 75 offspring.

The first National wins for Comet get came at the 1965 and 1966 Nationals, two halter Top Tens, but Comet sons and daughters excelled in performance, bringing in Nationals titles in Park, Cutting, Western Pleasure, Formal Driving, English Pleasure, and Native Costume. In Europe, Comet offspring won gold medals and championships in national and international competition.

Worldwide, Comet daughters came to be highly valued as show horses, producers, and top sale lots. Pankiewicz describes the daughters as “the most beautiful broodmares one can imagine, all of whom possessed charm, a lot of type, class and dryness, as well as being terrific dams.” Unfortunately, none of Comet’s sons carried on the sire line in Poland — 21 sons were exported — but Comet’s grandson *Probat (bred in Sweden) handsomely restored the sire line to Poland. Five Comet daughters produced 12 stallions used in Polish breeding.

Comet, often labeled “the *Raffles of Poland,” died at Michalow in 1964, age 11.

35 years after his death, COMET blood is still reverred in Polish Arabian bloodlines.
His daughters were highly priced possessions, his sons were no less
admired.  COMET in a pedigree meant trot, type and a certain style
that was uniquely "COMET."

COMET died far too young, at age 11 of colic.  The Arabian world still mourns his loss.

Sire Line: Kuhailan-Afas Desertbred stallion
Dam Line: Gazella Desertbred mare
bred at Nowy Dwar
Chief Sire: Nowy Dwor
Sire of: 74 purebred foals

Race Record: 9(1-3-1) over one season

Imported Sons & Daughters of COMET of note: (52 imported!)
*ESSAUL out of Ela
*GULDEN out of Galopada
*GWAR out of *Gwadiana
*GWYN out of *Gwadiana
*WIRAZ+ out of Wielka Zorza
*WIELKA KOMETA out of Wielka Zorza
*DERWISZ out of Daszawa
*CARRADOR out of Czaruta
*CORSAIR out of *Szarza
*MUSTAFAR out of Musalima
*DAR out of Darda
*ZBRUCZ out of Znachorka - bay
*CZESTER out of Cerekiew
*CARYCYN out of Cerekiew
*MECZET out of *Mimika
*SALINAA out of Salwa
*SALVIA out of Salwa - bay
*BASTA out of Bajdara
*BAJDAK out of Bajdara
*FLIS out of Forta
*ETER out of Estokada - bay
*EGO out of *Egeria - bay
*GYDYNIA out of *Gwozdawa
*WARTA out Wadera
*DRUZYNA out of Druchna
*ELEGIA out of Ela
*MASKOTA out of Masina
*ELABORAT out of Elokwencja

Polish sons and daughters of note:
WARMIA out of Wadera
DOLIWA out of Delja
DYSPUTA out of Dyska

Other imported sons and dauthers of note:
GROJEC (to England)
BILBAO (to Sweden)
POHANIEC (to Sweden)