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(Amurath-Sahib PASB x *Iwonka III #3937)
1941 grey mare

dam line: Mlecha

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Bred by Krasnica Stud, BALALAJKA and her daughter
ARFA were the only survivors of this stud in the aftermath
of World War II.  She was then taken to Albigowa Stud
where she foaled the WITRAZ daughter,
BANDOLA, in 1948.

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Balalajka, *Bask's dam, represents Polish breeding between the wars carried on outside of the state stud of Janow. Her sire, Amurath Sahib, has no lines to Branicki or Sanguszko bred animals. His sire, 35 Amurath II, was bred at Radautz from a desert bred mare and Weil's Amurath 1881, used at Radautz at the end of his life and one of the most famous products of Weil breeding. Sahiba, like her son Amurath Sahib, was bred in Poland between the wars at the small private stud of Breniow. Her sire was bred at Weil and her dam at Babolna. In spite of this, she does have a distant line to Dzieduszycki breeding. As a horse of Weil and Babolna lines, Amurath Sahib was more or less an outcross to the Branicki, Sanguszko, and Dzieduszycki stock.