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(Ibn Mahomet PASB x Lysa PASB)
1936 chestnut mare
imported 1945 by US Government
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*Iwonka III in Poland
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at Kellogg Ranch
during the Remount days
*Iwonka III combined the lines of the three Polish families. She was a daughter of Ibn Mahomet, a stallion with Slawuta/Gumniska pedigree. Lysa was by Hassizi, a horse bred at Janiszowka from Branicki lines. Dzami I's sire Dardzal also carried a Branicki pedigree. Eminach's sire Bagdad was a Dzieduszycki horse from Jarczowce. Eminach's dam, Indostanka, was also bred at Jarczowce, but her sire Hindostan I came from Satanow and had a Sanguszko pedigree. Indostanka's dam, and thus the rest of the tail female, is Dzieduszycki breeding.